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Linking conversations to Salesforce

Linking Slack conversations to Salesforce Records is a core foundation of Centro. Conversation linking associates a Salesforce record with a Slack channel. Linked conversations are viewable from Salesforce using the Centro Lightning Web Component or from Slack as pinned messages.

There are multiple methods to link a Salesforce Record,

After a record is linked a customizable message showing the record details may be optionally posted to the specified channel, similar to shown here,

Centro will pin the message to the channel to indicate linked status.

A similar experience is available from the Centro Lightning Web Component where linked conversations can also be managed, previewed and Salesforce users may even send messages without leaving Salesforce,

The Centro App must be a member in private channels before a private channel may be linked. Direct Messages are not currently supported for linking, however Salesforce URLs may be unfurled in DM. Single messages or threads may be linked using the Link Message Shortcut.

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