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Live Slack Messaging from Salesforce

The Centro Lightning Web Component supports sending a message to a linked Slack Channel:

In order for this to work, the user must authenticate from Salesforce to Slack using OAuth. This is facilitated the moment they attempt to message the channel for the first time. 

The standard flow is the following:

  1. Connect a Slack channel to a Salesforce record either from the Salesforce Lightning component (Create or Link a Channel button) or the Slack Channel Linking functionality.
  2. Open the Salesforce record.
  3. Select a row in the list of Linked Channels.
  4. A preview window will appear. Users will see a box to send a message to that channel, as a Slack Member. *Note: the Salesforce user must be a valid Slack member in the connected workspace
  5. If this is the first time the user has messaged a Slack channel from Salesforce, they will be prompted to connect to Slack.
  6. Once they have completed the OAuth flow, they will post a message to the selected Slack Channel from Salesforce!