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Channel Linking in Slack

A core part of the Salesforce and Slack integration in Centro is channel linking. What is it and why is it important?

Channel linking associates a particular Salesforce record with a Slack channel. By default, we recommend creating a new Channel for a Salesforce record, but there are times when you want to associate the record with an existing Slack channel. The dialog will be presented when you either Search for a Salesforce record or create a New Salesforce record:

Once you link the record, it will post a message to the specified channel, similar to this (note: different Salesforce record will have potentially different button actions):

Notice that CentroBot will Pin the message to the channel. 

This action of creating a record link also occurs when invoked from the Salesforce component:

When creating or linking from Salesforce, the same behavior applies: a new message will appear in the channel with the record from which you originated it.