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Custom Workflow Webhook Triggers

In addition to the default Slack workflow triggers Centro provides custom webhooks for initiating a Slack workflow. To use a workflow webhook create a Slack workflow that is triggered by a webhook and publish the workflow to generate a webhook URL. Paste the generated webhook URL in to the appropriate setting in Centro App Home. In the webhook workflow step add the expected variable names and types so that input variables can be used by the workflow steps.

Member Join Conversation Workflow Webhook URL

Triggered anytime a Slack member joins a public or private conversation where the Centro bot user is a member. As opposed to the default Slack trigger that must be published to a specific conversation this webhook can fire in multiple channels.

Webhook Variables:

channelid - Slack conversation ID that member joined (type Text)
userid - Slack member ID that joined conversatino (type Slack user ID)

Webhook Variables

Salesforce Record Linked Workflow Webhook URL 

Triggered anytime a Salesforce record is linked to a Slack conversation or message either when using the Link to Salesforce message shortcut, from within Slack or from within Salesforce. This webhook only executes when the linking activity is performed by the current user. Each user may have distinct or shared webhooks and associated workflows. Contact Centro to mass deploy a webhook to multiple users or simply share the webhook URL with each user.

Webhook Variables:

channelid - Slack conversation ID record was linked to (type Text)
userid - Slack member Id that linked the record (type Slack user ID)
recordid - Salesforce Record Id (type Text)
message - specified only when linked using message shortcut (type Text)
message_ts - the specific timestamp of message that was linked (type Text)
message_name - the name given to the message by the user (type Text)