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Post a Salesforce Record as a message

The Post Salesforce Record Workflow Step posts a selected Salesforce record to a Slack channel as a message via the user who created the Workflow Step.  The step is configured as follows:

Connected as Salesforce User: This will default and is not editable to the Slack member who created the workflow Step. It will use the member's established Salesforce authenticated connection via Centro App Home.

ChannelSelect a static channel or use a variable:

Salesforce Record Id: Statically set using the 15-character Salesforce Record Id, or more commonly use a RecordId variable from a previous workflow step.

Additional Message (Optional): Set the text of a message preceding the Record Block set of fields from the Compact Layout of the record selected. 

Link to Salesforce (Optional): After the message posts to the channel, show the Centro dialog to link the Record Block to the selected Salesforce record. 

Output: The Centro Message block will appear of the selected record, along with any Additional Messages set.