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Post a Salesforce Record as a message

The Post Salesforce Record Workflow Step posts a selected Salesforce record to a Slack channel as a message via the user who created the Workflow Step. 

Connected as Salesforce User: This step requires a Centro Automation User that has permissions to the expected Salesforce records.

ChannelSelect a static channel or use a variable:

Salesforce Record Id: Statically set using the 15-character Salesforce Record Id, or more commonly use a RecordId variable from a previous workflow step.

Additional Message (Optional): Message text preceding the Record Block fields from the Salesforce record. 

Link to Salesforce: makes this conversation or message visible in Salesforce using Centro LWC.

Start a thread (Optional): Immediately start a reply thread on this message to encourage users to limit replies to the thread.

Thread message (Optional): When starting a thread, give directions on what users should send in message thread (i.e. upload a file or limit replies).

Output: The Centro Message block will appear for the selected record, along with any Additional Messages set.  Record blocks may be customized additionally from the message overflow menu Customize option.

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