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Getting started with SMS & MMS Text Messages in Slack with Centro

Getting Started with SMS & MMS

Centro supports sending and receiving text messages in Slack and can receive inbound text messages as Slack messages to a specified channel. Each Slack workspace can be designated a unique phone number to handle incoming and outgoing SMS messages. Additionally, customers can provide their own Twilio account and leverage their phone numbers.

To begin your SMS Setup, Navigate to the Centro App in Slack:

To receive inbound messages Slack channel, a custom number is required. To receive a custom number request from the SMS Setup screen displayed below. The Centro App cannot receive inbound SMS or MMS messages without a Custom Number, and messages sent from Slack will be from the Centro Demo number.

Setting the Slack Inbound Channel

After a Custom Number has been provided, the admin can set a static channel for receiving inbound messages.  The channel can either be public or private.  Private channels require the Centro App to be invited to the channel.

Sending your first Messages

The functionality can be started in one of three methods:

  1. Send a single SMS from any public or private channel in Slack. You'll need to provide the phone number of the recipient. 
  2. Use a template (created in Centro or pulled from Salesforce Email Templates if the Salesforce connection has been established). Please note that formatting may not work as expected in SMS messages as well as they do in emails.
  3. Send an SMS to a pinned Salesforce Contact, Lead, or Case. A Salesforce connection is required. Templates or single SMS messages can be created. 

Example SMS flow: