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Using Templates in Centro

Centro provides two types of templates:

Centro Templates

You may create and view Centro templates by using the @centro command, or the command "/centro templates". You'll see a list of templates:

Pressing New Template or clicking the ellipses will show the Centro template editor:

Fill in your template as you see fit. 

OPTIONAL: Use Merge Tags if your user is connect to Salesforce. 

Salesforce Email Templates

If you have connected your user to Salesforce, you may also access the Salesforce Email Templates you have permission to normally. For more on creating email templates in Salesforce, please see the Salesforce help guide.

Note: when using Salesforce Email templates, please be aware that we will pass along the record ID of the pinned record when starting an email. For example, if you use the Centro send email from a pinned Contact, it will pass along the record ID to Salesforce to perform the merge. Cross-object merging works as long as it would normally work when called from within Salesforce.