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Salesforce Connection

Centro connects to the Salesforce API using OAuth and respects all user level permission and security of the authorized user. Within Slack each user will be prompted to authorize their own user to Salesforce which Centro associates with the Slack user profile. This user connection will be used each time the user interacts with Centro Salesforce functionality until the user revokes the connection. The user will only need to connect once and can manage their connection from Centro App Home.

Press the "..." button to find the connect options:

Pressing "Connect to Salesforce" or "Connect to Sandbox" will bring you to a Salesforce login screen:

Login using your Production or Sandbox credentials. You'll then see this screen when successfully connected:

Revoke a Salesforce Connection

A Centro connection can be revoked at any time from Salesforce Setup "Connected Apps OAuth Usage" or by clicking the Revoke menu option from the Salesforce Connection in Slack shown above.

Additional Types of Connections

The Slack user connection to Salesforce is only used for user-driven activity within Slack. Centro also provides automated capabilities within Slack Workflow and within Salesforce Flow as well as additional user capabilities within Salesforce which may utilize additional connections or use native Salesforce Apex. See these related articles,