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Installing and Configuring the Salesforce Package

The Salesforce package is meant to be a companion app to organizations that have both Slack and Salesforce. It's not required for Centro to operate but provides additional valuable functionality. Namely:


Installation Steps:

  1. Ensure that you have Salesforce Administration rights
  2. Click the link to the Centro Salesforce Package
  3. Click the Get It Now button:
  4. You will be prompted to log in. Use your Salesforce Production credentials (there will be an option to install in Sandboxes further in the process)
  5. You'll now be prompted where to install the Centro Salesforce package. You may choose Production or Sandbox (follow your company's best practices). Note if you choose Sandbox, you'll need to make sure the Slack App Home is configured to point to the same Salesforce Org.
  6. A confirmation screen will appear: 
  7. You'll be prompted to install for Admins Only or All Users. We recommend Admins Only.
  8. Go to the App Launcher, and find Centro:
  9. Next, if you haven't already, install the Centro Slack App and Connect to Salesforce. This will cover step 1 below:

  10. Optionally, in step 2, select an existing public channel to send Leads or Cases to.
  11. Add the users you intend to use the application using the Centro Permission Set. Go to Setup->Permission Sets->Centro User. Then select Manage Assignments. Add the users you desire:
  12. Finally, add the users you intend to use to the License. Go to Setup->Installed Packages->Centro. Click Manage Licenses, review your entitlements, and add/subtract users as you see fit: