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What Objects are installed as part of the Salesforce Managed Package?

Centro ships two custom objects with the installation of the Salesforce package, the Linked Conversations, and the Message Queue. For all other objects (standard or custom) that already exist in your org, Centro interacts with them based on your configuration. 

Linked Conversations: This object stores the relationship between a Salesforce record and a Slack Channel or Thread. The key fields are RecordID (which record is linked), ChannelID (which channel is linked), and, optionally, MessageID (the thread that is linked). These are useful in automation lookups, such as "which channel do I need to update this case data to? ". Records are created when a User or Automation links a record to a channel.

Message Queue: This object only stores every outbound message from Salesforce to Slack via automation elements. Automated Flow notifications from Salesforce to Slack will create a new row. Centro stores these records within the Customer's Salesforce Org, which are helpful for issues where messages haven't been sent for any reason (network hiccups, Salesforce issues, Centro issues, etc.). Those messages can be batch re-queued if needed. These will automatically delete after 60 days. 

Nudges: Nudges are used to configure basic Slack notifications when a record changes in Salesforce or on a schedule.

In addition to the two custom objects above, Centro ships a Protected Custom Setting and a Protected Metadata Type for storing Centro setup information.