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Quick Start: Create Salesforce Forms in Slack

Navigate to Slack Workflow Builder

Centro provides Slack Workflow Builder Steps that provide advanced integrations to Salesforce. This article will describe a common scenario: allowing a Slack member or Slack Connect external member to create Salesforce records. See this video for a brief overview. In addition, we provide the Quick Start Slack Workflow definition to get you started! We'll define two types of users:


Slack Connect channel to use the Slack Shortcut to "Log a Case". Let's get started!

Form Designer:

- Open the Slack Workspace Menu -> Tools -> Workflow Builder:

-Click Import on the resulting modal:

- Download and save this Workflow Builder File to your desktop (Note, this is from this Slack Article). In the Select a File dialog, select the "log_a_case.slackworkflow" file. 

- Optionally rename the workflow, click Next. "Got it" to the import success dialog. Failed to import? Email Support@centro.rocks

- The workflow will alert you to pick a channel to set the WOrkflow to. Slack limits one Workflow per Channel currently, and this is perhaps advantageous as you'll see in a moment. Fix by pressing Edit, and then set to the appropriate channel. 

- Open the Submit Case Form step. Notice that the "Connected as Salesforce User" will be associated with the Workflow Designer's login to Salesforce. All users leveraging this Form submission will utilize this user!

- Modify the form as you see fit. Review this Show Form article for more. Note this sample workflow has the pre-filled, hidden field Account (please modify or remove), and the Contact field will be filtered on this Account.

- Make any other modifications to the Workflow as you see fit. Or click "Publish"!

Test out the workflow by finding it in the Shortcut menu:

After the workflow executes, an activity log of the date and time the workflow was started, who started it, and the status or error of each step of the workflow is available in the Workflow's "activity" tab in Workflow builder.