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Centro Nudges: Lead Use Cases

Centro Nudges is a cutting-edge solution designed to bridge the communication gap between Salesforce and Slack seamlessly. No more toggling between platforms or dealing with external tools – Centro Nudges empowers you to create notifications directly within Salesforce, streamlining collaboration and communication like never before. A key component to building helpful Nudges is the criteria that trigger the Nudge to Slack. Here are examples of criteria to get you started:

Maximize Lead Impact with Centro Nudges in Salesforce!

These notifications help sales professionals and managers proactively manage leads, prioritize their efforts, and ensure timely follow-ups for maximum conversion potential.

Here is an example of a Nudge that will be sent to the #hot-leads when created or updated to have a Lead Source of Partner.

Here is an example of a Nudge that will be sent to the manager when a Lead's Owner is changed, and the Lead is not in the New Status.

Here are just a few examples of Nudges for the Lead object. To build more Nudges, check out our Nudges documentation!