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Centro Nudges: Building Record Based Centro Nudges

Centro Nudges offers a streamlined way to stay informed about changes in your Salesforce records, enabling you to respond promptly and effectively to updates within your workflow. By following these steps, you can create Centro Nudges that fire when a record is changed or created, ensuring that your team remains proactive and well-informed in their daily operations within the Centro platform.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Begin by accessing the Centro Nudges tab in Salesforce. Here, you'll find the option to create a new Centro Nudge. Name and provide a description (optional) of your Centro Nudge.

When setting up your Centro Nudge, specify the Object (Custom or Standard) for when you want the nudge to fire. 

For example, if you're working with Opportunity records, you may want the nudge to trigger when the Stage field changes. Select the desired field, such as the Stage field, and set the operator to "Is Changed". This ensures that the nudge fires only when the specified field undergoes a modification.

To further refine your criteria, you can add additional conditions. For instance, you may want the nudge to fire only when the Stage field is changed to a specific value, excluding certain stages like "Closed-Won". Adjust the criteria settings accordingly to meet your requirements.

Select the channel where you want the nudge notification to be posted. Whether it's a Slack channel or another communication platform, choose the appropriate channel for your team's visibility. 

Channel Name: Nudge posts to the Channel; visible to all members in the 

Optionally, your Centro Nudge can include a record block, providing users with quick access to the relevant record details directly from the notification. This helps streamline workflow and facilitates swift actions based on the information provided.

Craft a message for the nudge notification, incorporating merge fields to dynamically include relevant information from the record, such as the Opportunity name and closed date. Enhance your message with formatting options like bold text, italics, and emojis to make it more engaging and informative.

Finally, once the Centro Nudge is completed.  Click the Active Button in the top left, and your Nudge is live!

Important Note on Deactivation of Nudges:

It is important to *Deactivate* rather than *Delete* a Nudge Salesforce record. Deleting a Nudge will result in its associated Flow to continue to remain Active, leading to confusion and a decoupling that is impossible to remedy.