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Centro Forms: Enable Post Record

Centro Form allows users to create Salesforce records from Slack.  These records can be posted to a static Slack Channel or Slack channel where the trigger event occurred.  Below are the instructions for this functionality.  

Note: Centro cannot post messages to Direct Messages between Slack Members.

Centro Forms

Centro Form is located in the Centro App Home.  Find Centro Form Building Instructions linked here

Centro Forms: Enable Post Records

Click the Enable button to Post Salesforce Record after creating the record using Centro.

Post to Channel with Trigger Event

If the desired result is to post the Salesforce record to the Channel where the Triggering Event occurred use the default setting with the provided merge tags.

Post to Static Channel

If the desired result is to post the Salesforce record to a Static Channel.

Link conversation to Salesforce record

Enable the following options when the Salesforce Record needs to be linked to Salesforce for use in the Centro Live Link / LWC

Additional Message

Centro allows for the configuration of the message in the Centro Record Block. The message in the blue box is from the Additional Message section. 

To customize the message enter new text in the additional message text box. 

Posting Options

Centro provides several posting options for Record Blocks.

Save the Post to channel options after completed and Save the form to finalize.