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Archive Conversation

Archive Slack Channels with a Salesforce Action Flow Element

Archive a Slack Conversation after the work has been completed. Archive Conversations Salesforce Action Flow Element can archive a public or private channel.

Set Input Values ChannelId

The only value required for this Flow Action is the ChannelId. Set the ChannelId from a variable previously determined in the Salesforce Flow element. Generally, the ChannelId value will be retrieved using the GetRecords Salesforce Flow element and set the variable using the Assignment to set the ChannelId variable. Archiving a channel using a Salesforce Flow requires the channel is captured in the Linked Conversation Object in the installed Salesforce instance. Slack channels can be linked using Salesforce Action Flow Elements: Link/Unlink Record to Conversation or Send Notifications Messages to Slack Flow.

Common Use Cases

The Archive Conversation Salesforce Action Flow Element is commonly used to archive Slack Channels created for a specific duration or task, such as the life of a Case, Opportunity, or Project.