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Uploading Slack Files to Salesforce

Centro is able to upload Slack file attachments to a Salesforce record in two methods,

  1. When a file is attached to a Centro record blocks message thread. (i.e. users reply to a Centro record notification).
  2. If the Slack conversation was created by Centro and is linked to a Salesforce record using the Centro Slack Workflow Step, Salesforce Flow Action, or linked manually by a user in the Centro app.

When these conditions are met Centro will prompt any user in the conversation to optionally upload the File to the associated Salesforce record. Any user in the conversation that has an active connection to Salesforce may click Upload as long as they have permissions to attach the file to the Salesforce record. Centro will react to the file upload with an emoji :cloud: icon to indicate a successful file upload. Centro file upload capability is limited to files less than 100MB.

Files are uploaded to the ContentDocument standard object, the Files related list may need to be added to the Salesforce Page Layout before the file becomes available in Salesforce.