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When and how to connect a Centro Salesforce Automation User?

When to use a Centro Automation User?

An automation user is not required to use Centro. However, there are a few exceptions where an automation user may be helpful:

  1. In cases where a notification message is sent by a Salesforce Flow running as a User that does not have Salesforce API access (i.e., Community User).
  2. When using Slack Workflow Steps, an automation user can access Salesforce data.
  3. When using the Linked Conversations Custom Object in Salesforce, an automation user will ensure that linked records are consistently created.
  4. If no automation user is set, Unauthenticated Custom Buttons (which users may click without a Salesforce connection) may stop working after the session timeout.

The automation user Salesforce connection can only be modified by Slack admins or the Installing user from the Centro App Home. An admin may change the automation user connection for a Slack workspace at a time. A non-admin may view the connected user but may not change the identity.

An automation user must be a member of the Centro User permission set and have API access enabled by the user Profile. 

In the Centro Workflow Steps, the Admin can set whether the Step fires as the Automation User or each user may connect Centro to Salesforce.

How to Connect a Centro Automation User?

Navigate to the Centro App Home in the Centro App.  Then click the Automation User button.

Then, authenticate to Salesforce as the user non-Salesforce users will be using to edit and create records.