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Silently Create or Edit Salesforce data

The Save Salesforce Workflow Step allows for Creating or Updating a Salesforce record as the user who created the Workflow Step. By default, the Step will Create new Salesforce records, unless the ID field of the object is set, in which case the Step will Update the record. The workflow designer of the Step can select which fields to set, using static or variable values from the workflow. The step is configured as follows:

Connected as Salesforce User: This will default and is not editable to the Slack member who created the workflow Step. It will use the member's established Salesforce authenticated connection via Centro App Home.

Salesforce Object: Select any available Salesforce Object the Connected Member has access to.

Add Field: Add Fields from the Object to save. They will appear in the order they are selected. They will be removed in the reverse order they were added. Set the value statically or by inserting a variable from the workflow. The data type is checked at run-time, and if a value does not match the expected Salesforce data type, an error will be shown to the running user. 

Output: The created or update RecordID and any Error messages are available as outputs.