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Search and Select a Salesforce Record to be Used in Steps

The Search Salesforce Workflow Step allows users who began the flow to select a Salesforce record in an ephemeral message. The output is a Salesforce RecordId. The output can be used in other workflow steps as a variable. 

The Step Parameters look as follows:

Channel: Select a static channel or use a variable:

User: Select who the ephemeral message to select a Salesforce record will display. The search will run against that user's connection to Salesforce. Note: The user must have authorized Salesforce via the Centro App for the action to perform successfully.  

Prompt (optional): A message to explain to the user what to search for.

Limit to Salesforce Object (optional): Set to restrict the search to a specific object instead of the default search across all Salesforce object types. 

Output: The output can be consumed in another step as a Salesforce Record ID or Record Name:

Output all fields: After the user selects a record all fields for that record will be fetched and passed to the next step as output variables (i.e., used as form default values).

Filter By: filter the search results to records that have a specified field value (i.e., Picklist or Lookup value).