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Using Flow Resources with Centro Slack Action Element

Centro supports utilizing Salesforce Elements (variables, etc) to incorporate in a Centro Slack Action Element. In this example, the use case is to message a Slack channel about the details of an Opportunity Won. We'll want to put the Opportunity Amount field into the Slack message. The end result will look like: 

Let's show how this works:

1. Create new record triggered flow in Flow Builder using Auto-layout

2. Configure the Object as follows:

2. Now we need a new variable to store the current record's Amount field in. We'll set this later in the flow itself. Create a new Resource of type Variable:

3. Add a new Flow Element "Assignment". We need to set our new variable to the current record's Amount field:

4. Now, we have a variable with the current record's Amount to merge into the Centro Slack action. Select which channel to post to, then your variable will show up in the "Post custom message" dropdown. That will place the proper variable into the text of the message (place static text in as you see fit):

5. Optionally, if you leave "Post Record Details" toggled on, it will post that record details using the Compact Layout for the selected object. 

6. Now test, you should see this post in your workspace: