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Open Email Drafts in Gmail

In addition to the web-editing experience for editing emails, Centro also supports editing and sending emails from a connected Gmail account:

The use case with Open in Gmail is around allowing the user to have a comfortable, familiar user experience in Gmail, but benefitting from the group-based collaboration in Slack. 

Note: This will only work if you've connected your Gmail account to Centro.

How this process typically works:

  1. Draft an email in Centro using either the "Draft Email" button on a Lead or Contact block, or use the /centro email command
  2. Complete the drafting process using either a template or a new email
  3. The draft will appear in Slack. The options presented are: Send Email (which will send using Gmail). Edit (which will open a web-editing experience that is collaborative), and Open in Gmail (which will create a Draft in Gmail, which will subsequently present an option to open Gmail). 
  4.  When editing the Draft in Gmail, this will update the draft in Slack as well.
  5. Pressing the Send button in Gmail or Send Email in Slack will result in delivering the email via Gmail connection.
  6. Response to the sent email will appear both in Slack and Gmail.