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Pushing New Emails to a Single Channel for Team Responses (Shared Inbox)

Centro supports the ability to push emails from a connected Gmail account to a specified Slack Channel. The typical use case would be a generic "sales@yourcompany.com" or "Support@yourcompany.com" where many employees are assigned to respond to incoming emails. Once configured, emails to that connected Gmail account will appear in a specified Slack channel such as #sales or #support. The email will appear as a Centro Email block, where one can respond using a template or custom response. In addition, the rep may select the email response to appear in a separate Slack account so as to keep the context between emails distinct. Here are the steps to set this up:

  1. Login to Slack, and go to the Centro Home tab
  2. Under Email deliverability settings, connect the Gmail account that will serve as the shared inbox
  3. Now specify an existing Slack channel where incoming emails will appear: 
  4. In this example, any email arriving in "hanna.bizdev@gmail.com" will appear in the #sales channel
  5. Note when sending a reply, you will be given the option to specify which channel the response thread should appear. By default, it's the channel you originated in. 
  6. Replies, drafts and notifications will work the same just like any other Centro email block from there on out