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Configuring the Salesforce Chrome Extension for compatibility with Centro

Centro supports the Chrome extension for Salesforce by allowing users to find existing linked Slack Channels and by pushing the focused email to Slack. One major advantage in doing this is that one can reply to the email within Slack and not just have a static copy. See video examples below:


To configure this functionality:

1. Add the Chrome extension, specifically this one: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/salesforce/jjghhkepijgakdammjldcbnjehfkfmha?hl=en-US

2. Connect to Salesforce (follow the guides on setting up the extension to Salesforce)

3. Go to Setup->Email->Gmail Integration and Sync

4. Under the heading "Let users access Salesforce records from Gmail", ensure "Customize Content with App Builder" is enabled

5. Under the subheading "Email Application Panes", select "Create New Pane"

6. Drag the "Centro Linked Channels" Component to the Email Pane:

7. Save and Activate the page.

Using the Component: