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Connecting and Using Gmail (Preview)

In addition to Centro's default setting of delivering and receiving emails from Slack using the Centro mail server, support is now in place to send and receive emails through a Slack channel via a connected Gmail account. The behavior is similar to the Centro mail server except for the following:


Setting up Gmail:

Connection steps:

  1. Go to Centro App Home in Slack:
  2. Click "Connect to Gmail":
  3. Select the appropriate Gmail account:
  4. Review the account settings and click "Allow":
  5. You'll see a Success message and the App Home will now show the connection:
  6. Click the "..." to revoke access to go back to using Centro mailer.
  7. When connecting a Personal Gmail account, the flow differs slightly. The first screen will show:
  8. Click "Advanced", then click "Go to Centro Rocks" (this will only appear while this feature is in preview):
  9. The authorizations now step through each individually. Click Allow to each dialog:
  10. Finally, click the Allow on the last dialog: