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Quick Start: Send Salesforce Dashboard to Slack

Integrating Salesforce Dashboards into Slack can significantly improve collaboration among team members and make it easier to share important insights across your organization. This article will walk you through how to post Salesforce Dashboards to Slack.

Benefits of Sending Salesforce Dashboards to Slack

There are numerous advantages to sharing your Salesforce Dashboards in Slack, including:

Note: If you want the most recent version of your dashboard to be posted, use the Salesforce dashboard refresh in the Subscriber menu.  Here is the Salesforce Article on how to configure the dashboard refresh.

Send a Salesforce Dashboard via Salesforce Flow

Follow these steps to send a Salesforce Dashboard to Slack using Salesforce Flow:

Requirements: Install the Centro Salesforce Package in a Sandbox or Production

  1. Create a Salesforce Flow that triggers based on your desired schedule or event conditions. Typically, this is a Scheduled Triggered Flow that will be set to send on a day of the week at a specific time, like so:
    1. Leave the Object Blank to ensure the Flow Runs at the specified date and time. 
  2. Find the Salesforce Dashboard ID you want to send to Slack. This is often found in the URL when you load the Dashboard in Salesforce:
  3. Click the Plus Symbol underneath the Start Flow Element to add the Assignment Salesforce Flow Element.
  4. Add the Assignment Flow Element.
  5. Create a Text type Variable by clicking the Variable text box and selecting New Resource.
  6.  The Variable should look as follows.
  7. Set the newly created Variable equal to the ID of the Salesforce Dashboard you wish to send. 
  8. Click the Plus Sign and add the Centro Send Notification element to the flow. The Centro Flow Elements are in the Action category. 
  9. Pick the Slack Channel you want to send to, any additional messages, whether to start a Thread or not, and even custom buttons. Most importantly, expand the Attach a Dashboard section and select the variable you set in the previous step. 
  10. Test the flow to ensure it functions correctly and the dashboard image is posted in the desired Slack channel. Make any necessary adjustments and activate the Flow when satisfied with its performance. In Slack, you should see the Dashboard appear as expected. Note that you can zoom in on the dashboard by clicking on it!

If you require additional assistance or have any questions about posting Salesforce Dashboards to Slack, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you make the most out of your Centro experience!